Steroids called naps

Thanks, Brenda! It’s called Heaven’s Gate Coreopsis. You can see it closer up in this post from last summer when I first planted the garden: http:///creating-a-small-sun-loving-perennial-garden/
I’m starting to wonder if the soil is too rich for it in that bed and maybe it’s “feet” are staying too wet. As soon as it came out this year, it sprawled out and fell over in all the rain we’ve been getting. The one on the other side of the bed is looking pretty pitiful…the harsh winter really hurt it, but there’s a tiny bit of it still left. I should probably fertilize it and encourage it along, now that I think about it. 🙂 Will do that today!

One of the things that eats up A LOT of storage space is the sealed plastic containers and boxes I keep most of my things in. Here in the Phoenix desert there is dust EVERYWHERE constantly building up over and over again. I also like to seal up things as much as I can for fear of cockroaches and other insects getting into my stuff. The big disadvantage about how my stuff is “organized” is that it’s scattered, in containers and boxes and therefore it’s often a PAIN to find something I know that I have. And of course, I also forget what I have already because I can’t find it LOL!

Steroids called naps

steroids called naps


steroids called napssteroids called napssteroids called naps