Steroid shot for cough

My 8-year-old son has a chronic cough. Cough syrups do not work very well. He has had a couple of visits to the ER within the last two years. His doctor is skeptical about calling it " asthma " even though he prescribed an inhaler, which does little to settle the coughing spasms. We recently visited an ENT because we know his tonsils are big and enlarged and felt if he has his asthma /breathing difficulties maybe alleviated by removing them. We had to cancel the surgery last week because he was wheezing on the day of the surgery. He still has his chronic cough, and I am now skeptical about having his tonsils removed until summer vacation. I need to visit with someone who can help my family determine if it's allergies and not his tonsils that are causing the chronic cough.

I’m an adult (47) and just got diagnosed with pertussis and am taking antibiotics. I just wanted to add that the antibiotics really helped! I still sound the same, but my throat feels much much better; I had the “tickle” in the throat that is listed as a symptom (which I think contributes to the gagging and throwing up people get!), in my case I thought maybe I had a feather lodged in my throat, so “tickle” it was not! That symptom which had been there a week, was gone almost 100% within maybe 20 hours of being on the antibiotic. I’m not all clear of the cough, so obviously I’m hoping my healing trajectory will continue. I just wanted to say I felt the antibiotics were extremely helpful and I’m so glad I didn’t wait any longer. Also, of course I do not want to be contagious to anyone else. There are sometimes when I’m so grateful for western medicine, this was one time. I’m also using peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil, which really helps a lot. For a kid it might sting so a lot of carrier oil would be great. Also I’ve been drinking throat comfort herbal tea, which really helps keep the cough calm. Thanks for the article!

Nine hundred eighty-one (981) subjects in a clinical trial received 2 doses of VARIVAX 3 months apart and were actively followed for 42 days after each dose. The 2-dose regimen of varicella vaccine had a safety profile comparable to that of the 1-dose regimen. The overall incidence of injection-site clinical complaints (primarily erythema and swelling) observed in the first 4 days following vaccination was % Postdose 2 and % Postdose 1, whereas the overall incidence of systemic clinical complaints in the 42-day follow-up period was lower Postdose 2 (%) than Postdose 1 (%).

Steroid shot for cough

steroid shot for cough


steroid shot for coughsteroid shot for coughsteroid shot for coughsteroid shot for coughsteroid shot for cough