Steroid eluting pacemaker leads

The DEXTRUS pacing lead is an extendable-retractable, active fixation lead designed to provide a larger electrically-active surface area for enhanced threshold performance. The lead features a familiar feel with durable and predictable helix extension-retraction performance and an inner coil designed for predictable torque response. The DEXTRUS lead is designed for an easy lead implant experience with mapping capability, a radiopaque helix and tip extension indicator and a flexible tip designed for flexible placement options within the right atrium and right ventricle.


In the DDD mode, if the lower rate of the pacer is programmed at a sufficiently low value to permit atrial tracking, the pacemaker stimulates the ventricle synchronous with intrinsic P waves. If a patient does not require atrial pacing, it may be reasonable to implant a dual-chamber pacer with a single tripolar or quadripolar lead that allows atrial sensing and ventricular pacing and sensing ( Fig. 16p ). These VDD pacing systems allow for ease of implant and for bipolar atrial sensing. Atrial sensing may not be as reliable compared to a fixed atrial lead, which may lead to occasional atrial '81 In a recent prospective comparison between single-lead VDD systems to DDD leads, however, there were lower P-wave amplitudes in the group with VDD systems, but no significant clinical differences with respect to atrial undersensing.

Steroid eluting pacemaker leads

steroid eluting pacemaker leads


steroid eluting pacemaker leadssteroid eluting pacemaker leadssteroid eluting pacemaker leadssteroid eluting pacemaker leadssteroid eluting pacemaker leads