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According to research submitted recently to ArXiv by a team of astronomers, one of Uranus’s moons—Cressida—will likely instigate the smackdown. The researchers figured this out by first deducing Cressida’s mass, which they were able to do by studying its relationship with one of Uranus’s rings using occultation data collected from Earth-based observations and Voyager 2. Cressida’s gravity makes this ring—called Eta—slightly triangular, which is very unusual yet totally on brand for Uranus. Apparently, Cressida is pretty light— only about 1/300,000 the mass of our Moon. According to the researchers, this marks “the first direct measurement of an inner Uranian satellite’s mass.”

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Napalm anabolic mass review

napalm anabolic mass review


napalm anabolic mass reviewnapalm anabolic mass reviewnapalm anabolic mass reviewnapalm anabolic mass reviewnapalm anabolic mass review