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rantnrave:// The brains of 111 ex-NFL players were tested for CTE . One hundred and ten were positive . Is this a bombshell? Or confirmation bias? It's definitely news. It's bad PR for the NFL -- and football. It's not shocking, but it's important. Playing football can lead to CTE. We've known that for a while. The NFL has admitted that . It's not just NFL players. That same study tested 202 football-playing brains in total, and 87 percent had CTE. Football can be treacherous at any level. The more evidence we have, the better. Parents have to decide whether to let their kids play football. NFL, college and high school players have to decide whether to keep playing. Football fans have to decide whether to keep watching. I'm more squeamish when watching football now. I cringe at big hits. I worry about the concussion crisis . I can't enjoy the sport like I used to. Getting jacked up used to be a highlight. Now it's cause for concern. Yeah, there are qualifiers. The study's author admits it. The sample size is self-selective. Only families worried that football ruined lives donated brains. But the results are hard to ignore. Football doomsdayers will say the league is approaching an existential crisis. Football fans can say the sport has never been bigger. Have you seen NFL revenue ? The NFL keeps growing, but how long can that last? Youth participation rates are worth worrying about . Basketball, baseball and soccer offer less physical risk. NFL players are griping about salaries . Want to get paid? Go play in the NBA. This latest study isn't groundbreaking. It won't kill the NFL. But will it accelerate its decline? ... The Edward Jones Dome sits silently in St. Louis. The coliseum the Rams left behind when they bolted for . is now the country's biggest warehouse. Will Leitch paid a visit . The Dome is a reminder that heartbreak is always lurking in pro sports. Fandom is about loyalty, but teams don't always keep their end of the bargain. SportsSET: " Abandonment Issues: When Sports Teams Say Goodbye "... Dave Chappelle built this house ... Inside the Texas foosball championships .

It honestly pains me to have Cedric in the number five spot since he’s one of my favorite bodybuilders right now. Last year he placed 7th behind Winklaar and Bonac. Yet, this year he took home the Arnold Classic title and won over fans across the globe with his post win interview with Arnold. Not to mention his mid-performance selfie with The Oak, himself. I’m sure many of you might be wondering how I could slide Cedric into 5th when he placed behind two other competitors last year, and both of those competitors had amazing physiques. Here’s my take… Cedric is everything this sport needs to survive. He has a great physique, he doesn’t rock the boat, he has a sense of humor, and he’s everything the sport of bodybuilding needs to stay interesting. He’s also an amazing ambassador to the sport, more so than many other competitors in my opinion. I believe he will be given (key word being “given”) the number five spot. We all know that there’s a little behind the scenes politics going on in the industry, so it’s my thought that he will come in 5th.

Mr olympia without steroids

mr olympia without steroids


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