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Since most of his production came as a designated hitter, Martinez will probably continue to get a little less consideration for the Hall of Fame. He is still the only designated hitter to ever win a batting title (hit .356 in 1999) and some of his numbers, like his ridiculous .479 on base percentage in 1995, are worthy of more consideration. Martinez finished his career with 1,219 runs, 1,261 RBI, 514 doubles and 309 home runs to go along with his very respectable .312 batting average. He scored 121 runs scored in two different seasons and had a season with 145 RBI in which he also clubbed 37 home runs. Martinez finished his career with a hard to overlook .418 on base percentage and equally impressive .515 slugging percentage.

As the recent wave of positives shows, even the increased length of penalties hasn't been enough to deter everybody; for some players, the risk-to-reward ratio still makes sense if a spot in the majors or a chance at a multimillion-dollar contract is on the line (more on that momentarily). In the wake of Gordon's suspension, A's reliever Sean Doolittle was among those who suggested even steeper penalties should be in play, telling the San Francisco Chronicle 's John Shea , “Whatever the punishment, 50 games before and 80 now, isn’t enough for the players to roll the dice for a huge payday because they know if they come out of it, they can sign another multiyear, guaranteed contract. And of course they’re getting paid off the numbers they put up while they were cheating. How do we stop that from happening?”

Mlb players steroids 2013

mlb players steroids 2013


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