Mental/emotional effects of steroids

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Many people who are addicted to drugs are also diagnosed with other mental disorders and vice versa. Compared with the general population, people addicted to drugs are roughly twice as likely to suffer from mood and anxiety disorders, with the reverse also true. In 2015, an estimated million ( percent) adults ages 18 and older experienced some form of mental illness (other than a developmental or substance use disorder). Of these, million had both a substance use disorder and another mental illness. 1 Although substance use disorders commonly occur with other mental illnesses, it’s often unclear whether one helped cause the other or if common underlying risk factors contribute to both disorders.

The term personality is used to describe the consistent individual patterns of thoughts, emotion, and behavior that characterize each person across time and situations. Each individual's personality is thought to be influenced by both an inherited "genetic" component (usually called temperament) and by their interactions with the environment. Some people experience personality changes in response to stress hormones, which are part of their internal environment. The following changes in personality are not uncommon to observe in people who are stressed:

Mental/emotional effects of steroids

mental/emotional effects of steroids


mental/emotional effects of steroidsmental/emotional effects of steroidsmental/emotional effects of steroidsmental/emotional effects of steroidsmental/emotional effects of steroids