Intranasal corticosteroids moa

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Product Description The Vielight 810 Infrared emits an infrared light with an 810 nm wavelength. The wavelength and power density parameters enables photons to reach the brain’s important ventral areas. Engineered to pulse at 10 Hz 50% duty cycle, this frequency is associated with brain oscillation in the alpha state.

Safety and Regulations
The devices have been tested for electrical safety and rendered safe. It consumes and generates less energy than most consumer electronic devices, and the energy cannot be felt by a normal person. They are compliant with the European CE requirements for safety. However, they have NOT been evaluated by any regulatory body, including the FDA and Health Canada. The company does not make any claim for long-term cures although the evidence shows that regular use may improve the user’s quality of life. All evidence have been based on actual available data with these devices and/or published evidence based on other tests based on similar parameters and scientific bases.

Intranasal corticosteroids moa

intranasal corticosteroids moa


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