Injecting steroids gone wrong

I’ve been a continuous HGH, then antler user since 1992, why? (Real HGH, straight from the pharmacy) Because my body-fat shot down to 5%. But I noticed NO performance or muscle growth while taking synthetic HGH. During this time, from 1992 to 2011, my hematocrit was always lethal, around 54+, despite taking an aspirin a day and donating blood every few months. I figured my thick blood must be the result of diet, steroids, or genetics, but it wasn’t. After converting to antler, after 20 years of pushing sludge through my veins, my hematocrit fell to normal, my body-fat remained at 5%, and for the first time, I noticed strength and performance gains, not to mention, I cut my monthly ‘hormone outlay’ from $2,500 to $100. Please read all about antler under our toolbar header: Buy Growth Factor 8,500. No need to have a heart-attack and die.

Some reports maintain that a cold or other upper respiratory illness preceded the onset of SSNHL in as many as 40 percent of cases. Unfortunately, these reports lack corresponding data on the comparative frequency of upper respiratory illness in a matched control population. What about the evidence of blood examinations? In response to a virus, the immune system produces a temporary increase in the level of antibodies against the specific virus, and many case reports on patients with SSNHL show that they experience a brief, sharp rise in antibody levels against common viruses such as herpes, flu, mumps, or rubella. 

Crosland explains that while the substances aren't physically addictive, "psychologically, they can be difficult to walk away from". He blames a lazy social attitude for the boom among young men. "Everybody wants a magic pill. People don’t want to work hard, they want to take something that will fulfil their dreams. Steroids will give the results that are wanted if all other fitness considerations are in place, but the problem with this group is that everything else isn’t in place. The onus is on the drug use, not the training or the diet."

Injecting steroids gone wrong

injecting steroids gone wrong


injecting steroids gone wronginjecting steroids gone wronginjecting steroids gone wronginjecting steroids gone wronginjecting steroids gone wrong