Incredible hulk on steroids drink

Dr. David Banner is a brilliant scientist but, one day, a laboratory experiment that he is working on goes terribly awry. Since that time, whenever he is under extreme stress, his body undergoes a transmogrification and he morphs into the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk is about seven feet tall, hugely muscular and powerful, and has bright green skin. After destroying whatever threatens Dr. Banner, he morphs back to normal human form with only amnesia and tattered clothing as evidence of what just transpired. As you can well imagine, this situation is quite troubling for Dr. Banner and causes him a great amount of problems. All the while, he is pursued by Jack McGee, an investigative reporter who believes that the Hulk is a deadly menace whose exposure would enhance his career. Written by Tad Dibbern <[email protected]>

Banner and Ross go to Grayburn College in New York City to meet Mr. Blue, who is revealed to be Samuel Sterns . Sterns invented a potential antidote, and Banner accepts it, despite the risks. Banner is restrained and a transformation is induced, but was successfully reversed through Sterns' antidote. Sterns revealed that he synthesized Banner's blood into a large supply, in hopes of using it in the next stage of human evolution. While Banner tries to convince him otherwise, he is suddenly shot by one of Ross's snipers, who shoots him with a tranquilizing dart.


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Incredible hulk on steroids drink

incredible hulk on steroids drink


incredible hulk on steroids drinkincredible hulk on steroids drinkincredible hulk on steroids drinkincredible hulk on steroids drinkincredible hulk on steroids drink