Grupos funcionales esteroides

In addition to our teaching labs, the department has advanced chemical instrumentation laboratories that include three major instruments purchased through National Science Foundation. Unlike at large schools, where undergraduates typically work for a graduate student, our students who choose to participate in research work directly with faculty on original projects. The majority of these students give presentations at regional or national conferences, and many have co-authored peer-reviewed publications.

EPs are recordings of the nervous system’s electrical response to the stimulation of specific sensory pathways (., visual, auditory, general sensory). In tests of evoked potentials, a person’s recorded responses are displayed on an oscilloscope and analyzed on a computer that allows comparison with normal response times. Demyelination results in a slowing of response time. EPs can demonstrate lesions along specific nerve pathways whether or not the lesions are producing symptoms, thus making this test useful in confirming the diagnosis of MS. Visual evoked potentials are considered the most useful in MS.

Grupos funcionales esteroides

grupos funcionales esteroides


grupos funcionales esteroidesgrupos funcionales esteroidesgrupos funcionales esteroidesgrupos funcionales esteroidesgrupos funcionales esteroides