Dhacort cream steroid

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Egoderm cream is not indicated for Psoriasis, however, Egopsoryl is. I would recommend Egopsoryl TA which is a corticosteroid-free leave-on product to help relieve the itching of psoriasis. This product contains coal tar (5%), phenol (%) and sulphur (%) in an alcohol gel base. It is available in a 30g tube.

Our Pinetarsol range of soap alternatives uses pine tar as the active ingredient to help reduce red, itchy inflamed skin conditions, including psoriasis. The level of pine tar is % in the Pinetarsol Solution and Pinetarsol Bath Oil – both of which are best suited for treating large areas of skin. In addition to mild cleansing, the Pinetarsol Bath Oil also moisturises the skin. Pinetarsol Bar (1% pine tar) and Pinetarsol Gel (% pine tar) are easier to use in the shower for application to specific areas.

Should you wish to apply a moisturiser, I suggest QV Cream which is a rich protective cream for very dry skin. The QV range is designed for dry/sensitive skin. None of the products contain fragrance, colour or propylene glycol, therefore they have a reduced potential to cause irritation.

All of these products are available from pharmacies across Australia. Should your pharmacy not have a particular product in stock, they can always order it in for you.

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If a steroid cream is purchased over the counter, the package should disclose the steroid used, and the strength, such as one percent hydrocortisone cream. Generally, the cream should not be used for more than a week, unless a doctor has specifically recommended an over the counter product for extended use. If the condition does not respond or grows worse, the over the counter cream should be discontinued, and an appointment should be made with a dermatologist , who can examine the site and prescribe a different medication or course of treatment.

Dhacort cream steroid

dhacort cream steroid