Danger and play steroids

I found an old interview with you regarding your book on Pregnenolone. Checking out your website, I notice you have warnings about dosage. Have you changed your mind? Do you think it has too many risks? For me, Pregnenolone feels like a miracle. I have suffered with vestibulitis for ten years .. all the years that my hormones have been plummeting. I am 47. I have always been fit. I believe my hormone issues are from having been on the pill for years to control endometriosis (I quit the pill ten years ago also, but I had started having symptoms before that). Anyway, I have tried every Rx, diet, PT, herb, acupuncture, etc. Bio-identical hormones gave some help. Recently I tried pregnenolone and my pain immediately decreased by 75% and I had a sudden urge to paint, which I have not done in 15 years! Do you feel it is risky for someone like me, who produces very little of any key hormones, to take pregnenolone 10mg/day? Or was that warning more for folks who still produce normal levels? I hope you'll write back. I am AMAZED to find an MD who knows what this is and what it does.
   A. I think one should be cautious taking 10 mg a day for prolonged periods. I good idea is to adjust the dosage periodically to find the lowest amount that works and to also take a couple of days off each week if possible.

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  Common Side effects Associated With Long-Term Steroid Use Long-term steroid use, including corticosteroid and anabolic steroids , and their prescribed amount, contribute to a number of potential health risks.

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Danger and play steroids

danger and play steroids


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