Chipmunk face steroids

Have always really liked Jarek, inc. his personality & enthusiam. & either he was really into a lot that was going on in this scene or he’s a damn good actor; possibly both. I was afraid we’d seen the last of him, since it’d been many weeks. Hope he’s still got a lot more mileage in him. Still would love to see him on his stomach, with his back arched & being piledriven hard, with prolonged penetration shots from behind–mounted if not by Jess, then in the spirit of Jess (AKA a top who means business). + Jarek has said how much he loves having his ass eaten, which hasn’t been happening nearly enough–SC…

Dingo Update: Not much to report. Zoë ate a whole chipmunk right after last week’s G-File was sent out. I think she must have the most powerful digestive system in the world, because she never even burped and we’ve seen no evidence of any other gastrointestinal difficulties. Oh, one other thing. This is my kid’s first week at a new school and she’s pretty upset about it. No need to get into the details. But one funny upside is that my dog is almost a real super-villain. She literally thinks my daughter’s tears are delicious. Fortunately, it makes my kid laugh.

Chipmunk face steroids

chipmunk face steroids


chipmunk face steroidschipmunk face steroidschipmunk face steroidschipmunk face steroidschipmunk face steroids