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Hi Chris! I really appreciate the article. Thanks a lot. So i needed some little advice. I’m an upcoming 100m/200m sprinter. However, me and my team-mates don’t have access to some of those fancy equipment and we’re a little low on the budget as well. So I just wanted to ask, suppose you just had access to the simple barbell and dumbells, no machine or anything else fancy, what are some of the exercises you can implement into your routine to make what you do in the weight room well worth for speed development? Thanks. Will really appreciate some insight on this.

On October 17th 2017 day before his birthday, I had to put my beloved Beau golden retriever to sleep, he would have been 14. He had vertigo due to complications and not being able to walk. I am devastated and still trying to cope. We do have another dog at home and she’s wondering where he is. I know how you feel, it’s very sad for the whole family. We just have to take it one day at a time it is like losing a family member because they are your children. He wa 8wks old when I got him he was not an ordinary dog he was human in a dog’s body… I loved him so much and I miss him dearly and I will see him again on the Rainbow Bridge. In memory of my beautiful golden retriever Beau cephus… mama loves you boy

Just wanted to add another note. Of the very, very many labs and goldens that I have owned, trained or had a part in training Cain has been by far the smartest. From a Mother's perspective he is the only dog that has not chewed up a thing in the house. With a 6 yr old and a 2 year old ( and all their toys) this is really saying something. No destroyed furniture! We keep him in our large kitchen that adjoins the family room and never put up a baby gate. He learned quickly at 7 wks old to stay in the kitchen. He is a great addition to the family--- oh, and from a veterinarian's perspective you were fantastic to work with and you do a fantastic job with the puppies.

Jennifer Bumgarner, DVM  

Bosco labs steroids

bosco labs steroids