Bodybuilder interview steroids

What advice do you have for people 50-plus to get in shape?
I would tell people ages 50 and older who haven’t done any type of exercise before to start out very, very slowly. Don’t jump in with both feet, because you don’t want to stop. Take your time and found out what you like to do. Maybe it’s walking. You can get fit doing that. Some may like to do aerobics in the pool. Some may want to lift weights or dance. Find what you like and stick with it. But remember, no matter what you do, you have to be determined. You have to be dedicated and disciplined. It takes four things to get fit: eat correctly, drink plenty of water, do some type of strength training and do some kind of cardio. Don’t listen to anyone who says you’re too old or starting out too late. Once you start exercising, honey, it’s a whole new ball game.

Q.) You’re known for being very active on social media and regularly answering questions from and interacting with your fans. Why do you feel it’s so important to make an effort to reach out make yourself available to people publicly w hen a number of athletes chose to take another approach?
A.) I feel it’s a must to be interacting with fans on a daily basis because without fans we would not have bodybuilding shows. I feel they show us/myself so much support that it’s the least thing I can do to show my appreciation to them. I know many pros are not active with the fans and I wish they were, but maybe it’s because they feel they aren’t worth it since they wouldn’t be getting paid to do it. Some make excuses about not having time, but it only takes 1-2 minutes to post up and maybe twenty minutes to answer at least a few questions. I enjoy it and hopefully others will start being more active, too.

Bodybuilder interview steroids

bodybuilder interview steroids


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