Anabolic innovations d-aspartic acid

In fact, GW1516 has not shown any significant side effects. There is no hormones suppression, no toxicity and no other common side effects.  The only thing that should be noted is that GW1516 significantly activates metabolism and contributes to the rapid consumption of glycogen during exercises, so do not exceed recommended dosages; otherwise signs of hypoglycemia (weakness, drowsiness, hunger, muscular cramps, in severe cases - loss of consciousness) may occur. If you feel some of these signs, immediately eat something sweet (containing fast carbs).

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Anabolic innovations d-aspartic acid

anabolic innovations d-aspartic acid


anabolic innovations d-aspartic acidanabolic innovations d-aspartic acidanabolic innovations d-aspartic acidanabolic innovations d-aspartic acidanabolic innovations d-aspartic acid