Anabolic diet refeed

Same thing with you Ben. You're a guy with good genetics, naturally aesthetic, who is skinny. A skinny guy with good genetics, mesomorph, is always going to look good skinny, even without muscle. Case in point: Brad Pitt fight club. No muscle, just skinny and everyone wanted to look like him; trouble is, few have those kind of genetics to just naturally look athletic and in such good proportion. Not that you're not probably giving good information though, just don't sell your bro or yourself as "you can look like this" if you do this diet.

Four years ago I ate crap ALL THE TIME. Sugar was addicting to me and I was super thin. I got pregnant and after that would become VERY ill when I ate anything with white flour and sugar. I have just gotten to where I can eat honey in small amounts (the foods would cause panick attacks which I had never had in my life) I was trying to get healthy so in the midst of panick attacks and new baby and a lot of stress from being afraid of what was happening to me I started a low fat diet (thinking it was healthy) and was basically starving myself (seemed like then I reacted to everything so I didn’t know what to eat) and picked up running during which I miscarried 🙁 Started not caring and eating a lot of G/F breads and stuff. STILL underweight and VERY dry skin and food allergies. Started GAPS and did the INTRO and basically ruined myself with it… I had such blood sugar issues that I could barely eat and was shaking so bad… 2 months later and I am working with a doc on adrenal fatigue… I am stuck in bed with two boys under 5. My blood sugar is still up and down like crazy and everything is wearing me out. some days better then others but the laying around is so depressing. So, what the heck do I eat???? we have finally (today actually) decided that a paleo/wapf way of eating would be best right now. I went back to eating anything I am not “allergic” to and have gotten HUGE! I am not allowed to excercise and have to rest a lot. I worry about my blood sugar and not excercising… isn’t that bad for your heart?? I am going insane… lol… I am thinking high fat/med protein/raw yogurts and moderate nuts/cheese/fruits with plenty of veggies and one meal with properly prepared grains… any tips?! sorry, just really looking for answers…

I have an office job and compensate by lack of movement by running and walking everyday. I am training for a half marathon and am running 12-16km 3-4 times a week and walk every other day. I try and stick to around 1200 calories each day and am just not losing weight (5ft 9 and about 135lb) I am trying to lose a little bit of with but it jus won’t budge! I tend to gain and lose muscle pretty easily. Any advice? I just want to feel a bit smaller particularly in the legs which feel bulky from all the running. I am scared that if I reduce exercise I will put on weight even at 1200 cal as I spend most of the day in front of computer! Thanks

Anabolic diet refeed

anabolic diet refeed


anabolic diet refeedanabolic diet refeedanabolic diet refeedanabolic diet refeed