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After Zaros's fall, Zamorak sent the demons Avaryss, the Unceasing , Nymora, the Vengeful and their sister out to track down and eliminate the Dragon Riders who chose to remain loyal to Zaros. The demonic trio led a group of hellhounds to tear the Dragon Rider Morvannon apart. The demons however didn't know that an egg had avoided them as they expected the Ilujanka to be infertile. The egg was brought to safety by Morvannon's mount, the dragon Gorvek. Gorvek raised Morvannon's egg and the child that was born from it. He gave it the name Vindicta, meaning "revenge" in the Infernal language, in hopes that she would someday avenge Morvannon, the Ilujanka and Zaros.

Wealth in Diaspora is a player choice. It’s not a reward granted by the referee to player characters but is instead integral to the character each player has intended. As such, there’s no economic mini-game that players can play to get their characters rich. You want to be rich? Make Assets your apex Skill. Want to model getting rich? Use the advancement system to shift Assets up your pyramid until it’s your peak stat. Players are in complete control of this. But we still want to model the fact that characters are not in control of it. Sometimes they can afford something and sometimes they can’t. And sometimes they buy it anyway.

Players are still expected to come up with their character’s novel and guest appearances in other novels, but this is also done on the fly. Players should feel free to think about their title of their novel over play, and at any point when they need a fate point they can launch into a flashback, generally prefaced by a statement line “This reminds me of * <Title of their Novel> * ”. The players give a quick blurb of a salient point from their novel and how this reminds them of it, however tenuously. As soon as this is done, the player gains a fate point. If the player then immediately spends the FP to make a declaration about the scene, the GM may give it extra weight for falling in line with the flashback.

Acts as taggable on steroids rails 3

acts as taggable on steroids rails 3


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